Discover French cuisine in France


French people gave always been known for their sophisticated way of cooking. The area has fertile soils that produce high quality and fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs, and meat all year-round. They also grow grapes which are used to make some of the world’s finest wines. In French society food and wine play very important roles. Even how a person eats reflects their French heritage. This is an article of the best French cuisines you can ever try in France.

Best French Cuisines

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Get an authentic French culinary experience by tasting some of the best French cuisines. There is so much for you to eat in France but French heritage can’t be summed up by just a list of foods. There are so many culinary specialties that are linked to some regions and even passed from generation to generation. Here is a sample of what France has to offer:

Foie Gras

This is a meal that can be found on every table during major celebrations such as Christmas and New Year. It honours the tradition of fattening geese. The best way to try out this perfect cuisine is by trying it on a piece of brioche that has a little onion spread or even fig jam.

Oysters (Huitres)

These are the most common cuisines in France especially in celebrations. The selfish can be eaten warm, but most fans of real oyster can eat it raw and alive.


This is a light dish that can be found in most regions in France. This dish is made up of white beans, pork, and duck.

Basque-Style Chicken (Poulet Basquaise)

Basque is one of the richest regions in France when it comes to cuisines. This is a full dish that is made of meat that has been tenderized using piperade which is a sauce that comprises of Bayonne ham, tomatoes, peppers, and Espelette pepper.

When you visit France you have to try French cuisines and it’s a guarantee that you will experience an unforgettable moment.

Opt for a Parisian Food tour

The best way to discover French cuisine and more particularly Parisian cuisine is to take a gastronomic tour of the French capital!